Wildest Cats In Town Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend a big hit with classic car enthusiasts


Visitors were transported back to the 1950s at the annual Wildest Cats In Town rock ‘n’ roll weekend, the FREE classic car and motorcycle cruise in Lowestoft.

With a 1950s truck blasting out rock ‘n’ roll music, the awesome four-day event celebrated over 32 of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands from around the world, plus a huge 1950s ballroom, an outside stage, a beach party, barbecue, a talent show, jiving competitions and a 1950s jumble sale.

A well-organised event with a friendly crowd, it’s no surprise it is often known as the ‘Home of Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

Next year’s event runs from the July 2 2020 for four days. Plus, coming up in November, the Wildest Cats host their Christmas party with another top line-up of bands.

Included in the price for next year’s show is your dinner, breakfast and an apartment with free electricity.

For more information or to book, call Ritchie on 07976 964086 or Sam on 07376 334578, or visit: www.tennesseeclub.net

More photos from this year’s event

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