Town Sedan is truly a Giant


This 1933 five-passenger V12 Town Sedan belonging to Bob Lucas took the fourth heat of the Car of the Year competition at Rally of the Giants. This magnificent vehicle, which weighs almost two-and-a-half tonnes, is built on a 140in wheelbase and is powered by a mighty V12 motor. With its enormous headlamps and dual spares mounted on the running boards, it dwarfs modern cars and makes its presence known by its sheer size.
It’s refreshing to hear that Bob treats and drives the car like any ordinary vehicle (it will sit at 60 or 70mph on the motorway quite happily) and when he pops along to the shops in it, parks it across two spaces and buys two tickets! A full feature on this remarkable Cadillac appeared in the July 2014 (CA279) issue of Classic American magazine, or you can see it in all its glory by popping along to the Classic American stand in Hall 5 at the Classic Motor Show over the weekend of November 11-13. Make sure you get your tickets in advance! See or call: 0871 230 1088.

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