Redhill Hot Summer Nights


Editor Ben Klemenzson went to visit the newest, hottest cruise in the UK, where they cruise the miracle mile one hot August night every year…

Words: Ben Klemenzson, Photography: Zack Stiling & Ben Klemenzson

For one night only Redhill Surrey was transformed into a scene from American Graffiti… or was it the famous Reno, Nevada Hot August Nights cruise? Either way, the cruise, organised by the UK’s oldest and most well-known classic American car dealers Dream Cars ( ) was an overwhelming success. The event, which was started last year, was promoted online, by word of mouth and via social media and the turn out was exceptional, with cars coming from as far and wide as Manchester, Sheffield, Ipswich and Leicester.

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            Dream Cars organised a barbecue before the event for customers and friends in the afternoon, which was well patronised, offering visitors the chance to fill up on delicious burgers and hot dogs courtesy of caterers Healthy Yummies ( ) and peruse Dream Cars’ remarkable stock of rare, beautiful cars in their showroom. For many it was a welcome relief from the stresses of the past 18 months of Covid and a chance to see friends and acquaintances not seen for well over a year.

            Cruising started at 7pm around Redhill, with an extended one-mile loop up to Horley and back. It seemed like the whole town of Redhill had come out to watch the amazing cavalcade of American cars parading up and down their streets – and best of all the weather played ball, with dry, mild conditions, perfect for dropping the top (if you had a convertible) and ‘keeping it low and keeping it slow’ as the organisers recommended. Organisers, the Homan brothers, had expressed a preference for Pre-1980s cars, but there was every variety of American car taking part, from rods and customs, to muscle cars and big Fifties cruisers

It seems a significant number of attendees preferred to park up at the big car park in the centre of town, rather than cruise, which was a shame, as all those parked up classic Americans would have made for an even more spectacular sight, however maybe it was the fear of losing their parking space (which they’d paid £7 for!) or just a preference to chat, meet up with friends and see all the cars parked up…

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As the evening wore on the cars thinned out and only the hard-core cruisers remained. Organiser Stewart Homan said of the event: “We reckon it’s the best cruising there’s been over here for years – this year is bigger than last year and hopefully next year will be even bigger!” Amen to that and let’s hope we can see Redhill transformed again next year into Reno’s Hot August Nights, with an even bigger turn-out and more cars cruising. See you there!

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Next year’s Redhill Cruise Nite is scheduled to take place on August 20th. Instagram: @redhillcruise/ Twitter: #redhilldreamcruise.

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