PREVIEW: November issue of Classic American


There’s a bunch of classic cars to get excited about in the brand new November edition of Classic American magazine.

As ever, Classic American magazine is packed with the best classic American muscle features, the best from our events, striking pictures of some awesome machines plus MUCH more!

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1966 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30

Editor Ben Klemenzson takes a look at one of the General’s rarer and most under appreciated muscle cars, the 1966 4-4-2, with the W-30 fresh air package…

Last of the Leviathans

Stuart Wilkinson’s land yacht was an immaculate, low mileage classic but, nevertheless, turned out to need a lot of time and money spending on it. Luckily, he wasn’t entirely surprised…

1950 Dodge Coronet

The 1950 line of Dodges might not have set the world on fire with outlandish styling as the marque would a decade later, but it represents an interesting period in its history, when restraint and sensibility was the order of the day…

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