of TV engineering detectives on the hunt for hidden treasures in the sheds of Britain

A PAIR of TV engineering detectives are on the hunt for forgotten and hidden treasures tucked away in the sheds of Britain.


Travel Channel presenters Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove are about to film their next series and while in previous series they’ve concentrated on classic motorcycles and vehicles, now they are widening their search for any great examples of engineering, from stationary engines to replicas locos to tractors… in fact any hidden gems that may have been covered up or forgotten for years.

Their programme, Shed and Buried, is Travel Channel’s top-rated show. Once they have made a deal for an item they return to their very own shed to restore it and often have a bit of fun with it, before selling it on at a price that will hopefully make a profit!


If you want Henry and Sam to visit you or your organisation then all you need is a shed or two full of anything interesting… just make sure something is for sale.

To contact them call 01367 810764, or email info@hcaentertainment.com


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