New raceway out west!

Sorry if you thought we meant somewhere down Devon or Cornwall way, but in this case it’s still relevant as we know many of you vacation in Southern California and often include car events on your schedule, writes Keith Harman.

In this case, an enterprising team-up between organisers of the West Coast Street Outlaws and Micky Grana, the owner of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Southern California, will hopefully see one-eighth mile heads-up drag racing returning to the region.


The racing will very much feature the street outlaw no-prep, no-time format that seems to be popular right now, with the obvious advantage of being a safer venue than any street racing might provide. As it is, the strip is also a functioning airstrip, but there are already plans to add essential extra facilities for racers and spectators alike.

Located in a sparsely populated area east of Palm Springs, there are no encroaching property developments anywhere near its borders, the very thing that closed so many So-Cal strips over the years.


At time of writing, no dates have been announced, but it’s something to watch for if you are visiting the region.

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