Lingenfelter Signature Series Ram Air Camaro SS Hood W/Window 2010-13


This has got to be the Christmas gift for the Camaro owner who’s got everything! The ram air hood channels cool air from the lower slot to an exit that lines up with the Roto Fab air intake kit. The hood is available with or without a clear polycarbonate window & optional heat extractor panel.

Advance Composite Specialties manufactures the Lingenfelter Camaro SS Body Enhancement components with ACSs validated RTM process. RTM or Resin Transfer Molding technology creates a part of OEM quality. Fiberglass is injected into a mold and then compressed under high pressure. This manufacturing method creates a panel that is smooth on both sides with a consistent thickness across the entire surface. Panels are then trimmed using a CNC robotic water jet for a clean, smooth cut on every part. The result is better fitting panel, reducing body shop installation & fitment times.

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