Kustom Kulture Blast Off!


More images from John Kennedy’s excellent report on the Lincolnshire-based hot rod, custom and tattoo event, Kustom Kulture Blast off!

_jkp1419 _jkp1420 _jkp1423 _jkp1426 Airlift Chevy Pickup _jkp1431 _jkp1433 _jkp1439 The Vikings are coiming _jkp1444 _jkp1447 4x4 driving with attitude _jkp1449 Western Star - Kenworth 1960 Velox Hot Rod 1960 Velox Hot Rod _jkp1456 Tia Loco and her 41 Cadillac la Salle _jkp1462 Live Tattooing _jkp1466 The Human canvas skillfull Pinstriping Airbrush mastery from - Lefteris Manthos _jkp1476 Mr & Mrs Manthos of Airbrush Athens Tiki time at the bar The Dandy Gent - Something for the weekend sir.... _jkp1493 Natalie Flewitt makeup Natalie Flewitt, hard at work. _jkp1503 D Hanjal art -  Creating amazing art Carolyn Sharp being painted by Tina Smith _jkp1518 _jkp1521 _jkp1532 _jkp1536 _jkp1543 _jkp1546 _jkp1552 Leanne Betham of Lippy Art showing her amazing skills Aussie artist, Wayne Harrison body painting. _jkp1564 Dancers learning to Jive If the hat fits Show regulars sinking a few drinks A soggy 1938 Plymouth A soggy 1938 Plymouth _jkp1597 RV display _jkp1601 _jkp1603 _jkp1605 _jkp1607 Found these Through the Looking-Glass _jkp1611 _jkp1612 _jkp1613 _jkp1615 _jkp1616 _jkp1617 _jkp1618 _jkp1619 _jkp1620 _jkp1622 _jkp1623 _jkp1625 _jkp1626 _jkp1627 _jkp1629 _jkp1630 _jkp1631 _jkp1632 _jkp1636 _jkp1656 _jkp1672 _jkp1675 Carolyn Sharp Let the nightmares begin _jkp1681 _jkp1683 _jkp1685 _jkp1687 _jkp1688 The Dandy Gent at work _jkp1703 Carolyn Sharp Low and mean with a big heart _jkp1416 _jkp1417

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