Imagine winning 36 Corvettes!

Did you know about this? ’Cos we didn’t; but back in 1989, TV channel, VH-1 ran a phone-in competition where the prize was 36 Corvettes, one from every year to date. That’s not 36 winners getting a Corvette each, that was a prize of 36 ’Vettes!

You’d have needed a pretty long drive to park all these!

From the four million calls, the cars were won by a carpenter from New York who immediately sold them, having nowhere to put them.


The next owner of the collection also struggled, depositing them in various Big Apple parking garages, and there they sat for years. The good news is that due to a deal between the Discovery channel and Corvette Heroes, it’s happening again.

Yep, another sweepstake is underway right now, this time 36 lucky winners will each win a Corvette. Called the Lost Corvette Giveaway it’s unfortunately only open to US residents, but if you have a good friend or family over there, it could be worth a steer!?


Go to for more details. The comp is open until April 30. Good luck and let us know if you or your US-based family are winners!

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