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The committee of the Pre-’50 American Auto Club (the Pre-’50 AAC) have been in touch with Classic American about some very big changes coming up at the club. Firstly, that they will be relocating their annual show, the Rally of the Giants, to Stonor Park (RG9 6HF), near Henley, in Oxfordshire. The Pre-’50 explained that the reason for this change is because “Blenheim Palace in their wisdom have adopted the ‘green goal’ route and advised us that gas-guzzling American cars are not in line with their green policy. After saying that, the Duke of Marlborough, who is a keen and known enthusiast of supercars, will continue to host the supercar event ‘Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance, which will be held at Blenheim Palace, 30th August to 3rd September 2023.” No contradiction at all there then!

            Whilst Blenheim Palace has provided a handsome and impressive backdrop to the Rally of the Giants for several years now, the good news for those coming from London and environs is that Stonor Park is much closer, located between the M4 (junction 8/9) and the M40 (junction 6) on the B480 Henley-on-Thames to Watlington road. Stonor is only a 10-minute drive north from Henley, only an hour from London, 40 minutes from Oxford and Heathrow and half an hour from Reading.

            The other big announcement is that the club will be changing its name, again perfectly explained by the club’s committee: “In 1965 when the club was established, the name Pre-’50 American Auto Club made logical sense at the time. However, when you consider that the UK government considers that a 1982 car automatically classifies as a historical vehicle, being 40-years old. It has now been acknowledged and accepted by the committee that the current club’s name “pre-’50 AAC” has obviously deterred some potential members from joining our club, thinking that their car doesn’t qualify because it’s 1960 or even younger! We (your committee) have therefore agreed that the “All American Auto Club” is far more appropriate name for the club and encapsulates all American vehicles regardless of the registration date.” So, with a new name for the club and a new venue for their annual Rally of the Giants show, it looks like there’s a lot going on for 2023!

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