Ace Café Mustang Stampede


Good Friday is always a highlight for lots of American car owners due to Wheels Day, but for Mustang drivers the fun doesn’t stop there as Easter Monday marks the Mustang Stampede at the Ace Cafe. Exactly 53 years to the day after the Mustang was released and fanatically set upon by thousands upon thousands of eager buyers, dozens of Ford’s celebrated pony car converged upon the North Circular’s equally iconic transport cafe.

About half of the cars present were fifth- or sixth-generation models, but first-gen examples weren’t far behind, while third- and fourth-generations were represented in small numbers. As well as spanning six decades, the cars also showcased a variety of styles, with concours-standard, factory-spec cars sitting side by side with tuned and personalised examples. An ’89 Fox body stood out as one of the more heavily customised cars, with a handsome cowl-induction hood concealing an upgraded 302 small block.

Another modified ‘Stang with 302 motivation, mated to Ford’s four-speed AOD transmission, was John Headley’s ’66 convertible. It became the sixth ’60s Mustang to enter his ownership when he imported it from Kansas City last year, but he’s since bought a ’68 fastback for light restoration, which just goes to show that you can never have too much of a good thing!

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