Nostalgia Super Stock @ VW Breakout

Santa Pod Raceway, Northants. 28th – 30th May

Words & Photography: AF Photography


With Covid restrictions now relaxing here in the UK, VW Break-out was a blast of a weekend and actually seemed something like ‘normal’. British bank holiday weekends are typically characterised by awful weather, but for the first time in a long while, the weather was glorious, which just made the weekend even better – after such a long winter, it felt like summer was finally here

Most people arrived Friday to set up, with some racers doing Run What Ya Brung to get some test runs in; it was certainly the ‘break-out’ from winter and lockdown that we all needed. It was good to see so many people on and off track excited about the summer to come. Saturday saw four qualifying rounds for all of the invited race classes, as well as Run What Ya Brung (RWYB) featuring a range of VWs, the Outlaw Street, the ‘Wild Bunch’ and Andy Raw with the Nitro Bug nostalgia fuel funny car.


The Nostalgia Super Stock was present (many of them were profiled in the March 2020 issue of Classic American,) with a huge entry of 34 cars which is a great start to the season. The Nostalgia Super Stock are what’s known as a ‘bracket class’ where they try and run as close as they can to the time they’ve predicted – if they run and go faster than this time, that’s is known as ‘breaking out’. Round 1 of qualifying was 9.30am sharp with Simon Rickwood leading the pack and 11 people ‘breaking out’ due to a rare Santa Pod tail wind. By the end of the day Dan Williams was in the number 1 spot for race day, running 10.29 on a 10.29 dial-in.

Saturday night there was a constant smell of barbecue wherever you went, and the sun set on a great first day of racing. Sunday morning came and although starting out dull, the sun soon made an appearance turning many people into what’s known as a ‘Pod Lobsters’. Sunday saw eliminations take place for the invited race classes, with the Nostalgia Super Stock being whittled down to 2 throughout the day. By mid-afternoon the final was decided; Dave Billadeau (number 11 qualifier) against Rob Tyrrell (number 22 qualifier), both very good cars and drivers but when it came down to it Dave Billadeau took the win. All in all it was an amazing weekend well done to everyone who took part, with Covid restrictions eased and summer finally here the weekend felt somewhat normal again and we can’t wait for the next round. Race results courtesy of


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