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The UK’s No.1 American Car Magazine! Classic American car magazine celebrates the style and glamour of cars and trucks made in the US of A. Gloriously powerful sports and muscle cars such as Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros and Chargers take centre stage with everything from prewar vintage pioneers to the tailfinned wonders of the ’50s profiled and pictured as well.

Expert columnists from both sides of the Atlantic debate the hot topics of American car ownership and development and the histories of big names such as Ford, Chevrolet and GM are explored. Every issue features restoration tips, romantic wrecks, ads from the archives and news from the burgeoning UK scene. The magazine features reviews, tips, stories and more on many American cars. So don’t miss out – get involved and take out your magazine subscription now!

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What’s inside the July issue of Classic American?

Check out American car enthusiast, Ben Fitch’s experience buying a fantastic 1968 Camaro plus a look at Vincent Buchanan’s 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle!

As ever, Classic American magazine is packed with the best classic American muscle features, the best from our events, striking pictures of some awesome machines plus MUCH more!

If you’d like to read the June issue of Classic American, then you can cut to the chase and download the digital version, order the print magazine, or better yet save those pennies and subscribe to Classic American magazine. Here’s what to expect this month…

Rising to the challenge

With automakers retooling plants to combat Covid-19, Evans looks back at a similar milestone example, during the dark days of the Second World War…

A1 C1

Meet Mike Lacey, one of the UK’s foremost ’Vetteheads with a collection of six amazing Corvettes, although here we’re just looking at one: his amazing 1956 C1…

Americans at the Motor Show

Geoff Carverhill takes us back to the London Motor Shows of the Thirties, the heyday years of the American car in Britain, with photographs from the Chas KBowers Collection.

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