February Star Letter: Wot I learned in skool

February Star Letter: Wot I learned in skool

16 January 2014

Dear Classic American,
I was interested to read your review of the latest incarnation of the Chrysler 300 (CA December issue) but was surprised to read that it is now ‘taughter’. Certainly it needed to be ‘tauter’, but maybe you meant ‘laughter’; I think the dilemma in defining the 300 is it is now passed its sell by date.

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Star Letter: Going Dutch

19 December 2013.

Dear Classic American,
I had to react on the ‘Behind the wheel’ feature in the November issue.

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December Star Letter: One year of happiness

21 November 2013.

Dear Classic American,
Having read an article several months ago about buying your first American car, I thought I would write to you and share my experience of my first American.

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November Star Letter: When is an American not an American?

18 October 2013.

Dear Classic American,
Is there a belief that if you drive an American motor car it has to be left-hand drive?

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Star Letter: Taking the Riv'

15 August 2013.

Dear Classic American,
I always enjoy seeing and reading about my favourite car, that being the Buick Riviera. I am the director of the Riviera Owners Association here in the US. We are an international club with approximately 3000 members worldwide and are about to celebrate our 30th anniversary. I was sent a copy of your May 2013 issue by a member and I will pass information about the issue in our full colour club magazine.

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August Star Letter: Same old same old

17 July 2013.

Dear Classic American,
I am pleased at the return of your magazine back to what is now a very enjoyable classic American car magazine, but please let us have a month without featuring yet another ’68-70 Dodge Charger.

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Star Letter: Pick-up ponderings

20 June 2013.

Dear Classic American,
I can shed more light on the 1940 Ford pick-up on Classic American’s June edition letters page. The truck is not what it seems as it’s not a real Ford pick-up. It was originally a glass fibre movie prop with no running gear which is why the proportions are wrong: longer wheelbase and bed for a start. Also the shut line for the hood is in completely the wrong place.

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Crossfires & RHD AMCs?

20 June 2013.

Dear Classic American,
Just been catching up on my reading as I have been overseas for a while and two things caught my attention in the CA letters.

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Star Letter: Car-less whispers

16 May 2013.

Dear Classic American,
Whenever I’m reading Classic American I always wonder how many people are reading it in my situation; yet to step on the Yank owning ladder, but carefully planning it out in their mind to one day acquire their dream car.

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Star Letter: More tech stuff, please!

18 April 2013.

Dear Classic American,
I have been a subscriber for many years now, but was getting a bit fed up with the way the magazine was going about a year ago. However, you have really turned it around recently – I love the technical tips.

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