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The GreaT One!

The GreaT One!

16 October 2014

Welcome to our Pontiac/GTO special. Rather than fill a whole issue just with GTOs, we thought we’d roll it out to include other Pontiacs, among which are a very nice 1951 Chieftain Super Deluxe Catalina and a 1969 Grand Prix.

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Here's to the ordinary

18 September 2014.

I make no apologies for this month’s star car, the gorgeous gold 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II on this month’s cover and featured on pages 28 to 32. Because I know some will be tutting and shaking their heads. “But why would they be doing that?” you might ask. Because it’s a 318 engined car… not any of the fabled big block monsters that Mother Mopar was so famed for during the Sixties.

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What year's yours?

22 August 2014.

Something I’ve always found fascinating with American car folk is the whole concept of what eras they like, or more often don’t like and their subsequent personal ‘cut-off’ dates. For myself, being a child of the Seventies and Eighties, I always felt that I wasn’t that interested in post-1985 cars. By that stage, most US manufacturers had downsized and started to switch to front-wheel drive and – God help us – four-cylinder engines.

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Grab it while you can!

18 July 2014.

If the weather with you has been anything like it has been here, then you will have been enjoying prime-time cruising. Hot, dry days mean an endless vista of fun with your Yank, whether it’s day trips out to the country, visits to car shows or cruises or just a pleasant afternoon with the polish and a chamois, or even an athletic jaunt down the dragstrip.

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Welcome... July 2014

19 June 2014.

You say patina... I say rusty old shed

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Welcome... June 2014

13 May 2014.

Are you using your Classic American to its full potential? It probably sounds like a strange question to ask, but sometimes people don’t realise all the great things we can do for them, or all the free services and opportunities available to them as readers or subscribers.

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Welcome... May 2014

17 April 2014.

Like a lot of people, my day-to-day life seems to be one characterised by ups and downs; not always within my control or even anything to do with me.

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Welcome... April 2014

20 March 2014.

These days when a car manufacturer builds a ‘performance’ version it usually involves tweaking the electronics, changing the fuelling map, fitting bigger wheels and writing ‘sport’ on the boot. Back in 1965 Ford had a little more ambition, building its K-Code Mustangs with a race-tuned motor under the hood (and a warranty of just 90 days). It plainly never expected them to last so driving Geoff Langston’s beautiful example some 49 years later was a real treat.

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What will you do?

21 February 2014.

Winter can be a period of hibernation for those of us with classic American cars; not so much for those of us with modern American cars or daily drivers. Either way, it’s a time when most of us bunker down for a few months, lock ourselves away and get busy with projects for the dark months.

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A better car was built

16 January 2014.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of the owner of this year’s Car of the Year winner. Despite being very seriously ill, it was David Carr’s wish that his 1950 Buick Super still take part in this year’s Footman James Car of the Year finals, despite the fact he was too ill to attend.

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Current Issue: Nov 2014

Issue Nov 2014

♦ Win motor show tickets
♦ Meet the most famous GTO ever!
+ 50 years of Pontiac GTO
♦ 1968 Pontiac GTO
♦ 1969 Pontiac GP
♦ 1951 Pontiac Chieftain
♦ Jim Wangers' GTO Collection
♦ 1978 Trans Am
♦ 1958 Savoy


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